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$20/ day
$15/ day
Earn More. Own More.
Rent your stuff. Re-quupe its cost.
How it works: Lender
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    Everyone’s got valuable stuff that just sits around. Snap a photo, and in just a few minutes it’s posted, verified, and ready to earn you sweet, sweet cash.
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    Got a taker for that thing you just posted? Great! Quupe shows you the borrower’s profile and rating, so right away you know you’re lending to someone you can trust. The Quupe Guarantee also means we’ll cover up to $1000 if something goes wrong.
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    It's easy to start earning money on Quupe from the valuable things that otherwise just sit around. Post something now and see for yourself.
How it works: Borrower
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    Search by item name, or just browse for something nearby that would be fun to try. Quupe’s booking calendar, geolocation, and notification system allow you to request something for the exact time and place you need it.
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    Payments are processed through Stripe, so your information is always held safe and stored securely. Faster checkouts mean less time on screen and more time getting on with your day.
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    Have it delivered or pick it up, and enjoy experiencing something new while saving money and saving the planet.
Why you will love Lending on Quupe!
You can make back a third of your item’s value in just one month. Thats more money towards your dream vacation.
Our verification and review system makes sure you only interact with like minded and responsible users like yourself.
Our guarantee covers the cost of your item up to $1,000. There go all your worries about safety of your items.
Happiness is sharing with the community. Money will buy you stuff, sharing buys you happiness. Become a lender and see for yourself.